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The Waltz

3/4 time. . .oooooone, two, three, oooooone, two, three. . .oom pa pa, oom pa pa. . . .lead has to decide on direction before the "One", kinda lopsided to understand at first. All distance is traveled on the 1st beat, the next 2 beats are done in place (some would argue). Waltzing is like bouncing on a trampoline, hangliding, feeling like an expert ice skater. Frame is everything. Same twirls and moves are done in Fox Trot, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Ballroom, Ice Skating. Many types of Waltz--Fast(Viennese), Slow, Folk, Skater's, Bouncy(German), Box Step, Stumble Bump.

"You need to be waltzed, and by someone who knows how"
--Red Butler, Gone With The Wind

Waltz Dancing Illustration