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West Coast Swing

Basic step fits in 6 beats: walk walk chachacha chachacha (read: step step triplestep triplestep). Easier than the Lindy Hop because 2 triplesteps in a row put you back on the same "rock foot". Very evolved, has huge following. If you are into dancing, sooner or later you will take a WCS lesson or 2 or 2,000. A "pimpier frufru" strut-your-butt style of dancing that inhabits a "slot" on the dance floor. Really favors the follow's latent striptease desires and the lead's latent whoknowswhat desires. Slightly socially challenged? (most dancers are!) If you learn WCS you will have lots of friends.

People that dance West Coast Swing also dance The Hustle and NightClub 2-Step

You can dance the Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing and Foxtrot to WCS music. Most WCS music works great to Polka to!

West Coast Swing Dancing Illustration