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            Ballroom Dancing In Boulder

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Wednesday Waltz Etc.

$8     7:00pm-10:15pm     8/26/2020

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Age Limit
  no age limit
Next Event
  August 26 (Wednesday)
  4th Wednesdays
  Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder
Contact Email
Contact Phone
  Jim - 720-317-3946
Sponsor's Website
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- Singles as well as couples welcome
- Dress is anywhere in the range of casual to dressy to vintage to costume to ... etcetera.
(non-scuffing, non-marking shoes please)
- Waltz, cross-step waltz, foxtrot, swing, blues, one-step, two-step, maxixe, tango, hambo -- and "etcetera".

2 lessons simultaneously at 7pm:

Main Ballroom:
1st half basics. 2nd half more intermediate. Lessons may cover cross-step waltz, nightclub two-step, foxtrot, lindy, fast waltz,
blues, schottische, redowa, syncopated waltzing, tango, etc.

North Studio:
A separate lesson focused on beginner students. This class always covers one of the basic waltz styles, either rotary waltz or
cross-step waltz.

Dancing in the main ballroom from 8pm-10:15pm
light refreshments included

Sponsored by "American Vernacular Dance"

This event was last updated on: 2/12/2020
Please doublecheck the sponsor's website or contact by phone/email if this date is very old.

Dancing is maintained by non-professional dancers for the social dance community
please email us if information is inaccurate, inappropriate, or duplicate

*indoor pictures do not represent actual attendance numbers or actual dance style for event.