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Waltzing or Waltz Dancing

3/4 time. . .

oooooone, two, three, oooooone, two, three. . .oom pa pa, oom pa pa. . . .lead has to decide on direction before the "One", kinda lopsided to understand at first. All distance is traveled on the 1st beat, the next 2 beats are done in place (some would argue). Waltzing is like bouncing on a trampoline, hangliding, feeling like an expert ice skater. Frame is everything. Same twirls and moves are done in Fox Trot, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Ballroom, Ice Skating. Many types of Waltz--Fast(Viennese), Slow, Folk, Skater's, Bouncy(German), Box Step, Stumble Bump.

"You need to be waltzed, and by someone who knows how"
--Red Butler, Gone With The Wind

Urban Waltz At The Contra Dance With Fiddle Band
Country Waltz to Country Music
The Headlight Waltz
Waltzing In Wheelchairs By The Silver Spinners Square Dance Club

Check to see if Watlz Dance events in Portland, Oregon have a Waltz lesson at the start of the dance.Some have a free waltz lesson, some have a paid lesson. It should be in the listing somewhere.

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